The Guadalupe Mission

In the 1920s and 1930s, Mexican Americans started to move and settle into the Salt Lake City area.  One of the first westside churches was the St. Patricks Church Parish which was built in 1914.  As more and more Mexicans and other Hispanics settled, Bishop John Mitty through the help of the St. Patricks Church helped create the Guadalupe Mission in 1924 which was at 524 West and 400 South.

Between 1924 and 1927, multiple Mexican priests served at the Guadalupe Mission in giving daily mass and started a Spanish school.

In 1927, six sisters from Perpetual Adoration (from Los Angeles, CA) arrived at the mission and served for the next 12 years.

In 1930, Father James Collins (who was also an assistant at the Cathedral of The Madeline) was appointed the Administrator of the Guadalupe Mission Chapel (shown below).

Guadalupe Mission Church
Original Guadalupe Mission Church at 524-528 West 400 South (was officially closed in 1970 due to the rebuilding of the 400 South viaduct)

Sister Rosario was the Superior of the six sisters of the Perpetual Adoration who arrived in Salt Lake City from Mexico in 1927.

Fr. Collins and the Mission

During their twelve year stay, the sisters taught the children of the mission religion and arts and crafts.

Twenty six children attended the first communion class held in 1928.  Religion classes, in addition to Sunday school were attended by the children.

For twenty seven years, the people of the mission saw in the figure of Father Collins their church in action, helping the poor families.

Following World War II, many railroads were busy and employment was abundant.  This was a period of great growth, building and change for the Guadalupe Mission.

Starting To Build A New Parish

In 1947, the purchase was made on a lot at Sixth West and Second North (now 700 West and 300 North)

Fr. Collins moved into the church at the rear of the chapel.

First Our Lady Lady of Guadalupe Church
Original church at 715 West and 300 North

In 1961, Father Jerald Merrill was assigned to Our Lady of Guadalupe. After his first sermon in Spanish, one of his parishioners said “Father, I prayed during Mass that the Holy Spirit help you to speak better Spanish”.

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